Virtual Online Teaching: Crash Course

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In 2019, schools all over the nation and world found themselves moving to online learning, and we’re hearing from teachers that there is a knowledge gap that needs filling immediately. For this reason, the friEdTech team recorded a series of free webinars focusing on the top questions we’ve been asked as the pandemic started.

Please pass this post along to friends and colleagues who may share your concerns about online teaching and learning. If you have new questions and concerns please reach out to us!

You can watch the webinars on our YouTube Channel.

Topics include:

  • How One Prepared School District is Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Use Zoom or Hangouts Meet to Have Class, Live & Recorded
  • How to Use Screencastify for Teaching Online / Distance Learning (Free Webinar)
  • Enable Advanced Google Meet Features
  • Creating a Live Stream with Hangouts Meet
  • Creating Shared Lessons in Google Classroom
  • Google Classroom Webinar: Your Questions Answered
  • How to Start your Zoom Webinar or Meeting with Music

Our Beyond the Brick and Mortar asynchronous online course has been a favorite of teachers embracing successful integration of instructional technology in their face to face and virtual learning environments. You can learn more about this course and many others on our friEdOnline website.

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Amy Mayer, nationally known speaker and Google professional development guru, got her start in education as an English and Foreign Language teacher. Since that time, she’s served as a district level director of multiple varieties and now is the CEO of friEdTech, a Google & Microsoft partner company serving districts across the United States. Amy is passionate about student (and teacher) engagement and equity in education.

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