Custom Experiences & Certifications

friEdTech can help customize a professional development learning experience to meet the identified specific learning goals of your campus, school district or organization. We have several instructional approaches we utilize to provide the perfect learning experience for everyone.

In our asynchronous online school, friEdOnline, we can build a branded online course your learners can complete in any timeline you set and in any location worldwide! We strive to make our synchronous Meets, Zooms, Teams or any other virtual meetings personal and relevant to the attendees with live Q&A and engaging content. We can customize the information shared to cover exactly what you need when you need it. Of course, our face-to-face trainings have a stellar reputation in the education technology realm because we excel at sharing cutting edge content in an approachable way with educators!

Finally, we offer large scale learning opportunities such as face-to-face or cloud conferences, summits, and webinars. Basically, if you can dream it up, we can make it happen! Contact us so we can start planning your next professional development learning experience your educators won't forget!

Blended Learning Experiences for Adult Learners

Our blended Level One Google Academy recommended plan consists of two one-hour synchronous learning sessions, two one-hour FAQ sessions, weekday email support within 24 hours and a one-hour Prep Rally where we celebrate new learning and prepare for the official Google Level One certification exam. We have found that a combination of learning experiences is the most effective way to connect with adult learners.

Other popular blended experiences are the Digital You Academy and the Tech Influencer Academy. The Digital You Coaching Academy is a four-week academy for Academic (Curriculum) and Instructional Technology Coaches who are learning to support teachers in distance, online, and blended learning environments. We were asked to create this cohort course in 2020, which was desperately needed after many contacts from our in-district colleagues wondering how we were doing our jobs now that, at times, we cannot be face to face with our clients.

The Tech Influencer Academy is a two-day immersive academy that empowers local teacher leaders to be agents of change. This experience prepares teacher leaders to motivate and excite their peers to integrate technology in the classroom by designing rich, interactive and collaborative content for Chromebooks & other devices.

Statewide Implementation Projects

Read about our Google Classroom implementation in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. It was quite a success!

We have been making a huge difference in the state of Mississippi! Read more about what we are doing in this great state: Mississippi Implements Ground-Breaking 1:1 Initiative to Ensure Device Accessibility and High Quality Teaching and Learning using Technology.

Contact us with your goals and we will curate the perfect recipe for your audience and goals.

". . . I do not typically rate top-score with evaluations; but, in this case, 5 was not nearly high enough. . . . I love that presenting-teaching your class for us was effectively modeling how we should teach our students. . . . I am striving to make my classroom as fun as yours."

S. Miles

Jefferson Parrish, LA