Our Clients

From small school districts to entire states, we pride ourselves in working with clients to create impactful professional development plans that satisfy specific learning goals and improve educational outcomes. We also strive to model the instructional strategies we share, whether we're virtual or face to face, so teachers are able to immediately implement what they experienced in their own learning environments.

Here are a few of our happy clients!

"Informative and kind presenters! Today's sessions were amazing and provided much more insight than any other professional development I've attended. Thank you so much."

Kimberly Doughty

Attended training provided by Louisiana DOE

Mississippi Department of Education

We work across the state of Mississippi through the Department of Education to support all Mississippi public school districts with instructional technology throughout their historic 1:1 statewide implementation.

Oregon Department of Education

Through our work with the State and Community Impact Project, we have had the pleasure of working with “The ODE,” The Oregon Department of Education. We’re so pleased to be able to offer Level 1 Certification academies to teachers across the great state of Oregon through this partnership.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Not to be confused with their neighbors in SC, the North California Department of Education worked in partnership with friEdTech and Google to offer Level 1 Certifications statewide.

South Carolina Department of Education

Not to be confused with their neighbors in NC, the South Carolina Department of Education worked in partnership with Google and friEdTech to help 1000 teachers achieve Google Certification.

View the press release here.

"After teaching for 30 years, this is a totally new approach to teaching. I am overwhelmed but after your presentation, I am feeling much better. Thank you for the modeling and allowing us to practice with you. AWESOME Presentation!"

Kellie Ferlandy

Jefferson Parish, LA

Aztec Municipal Schools

Aztec Municipal School District has one of our favorite stories. With the principals of this district, we were able to beta test our Google Needs Assessment tool to appropriately group and level professional development for the staff. AMSD, we hope that our impact on you was as great as your impact on us. We didn’t meet until AP (after-pandemic), but we loved having the chance to work with your teachers during a time when they were undoubtedly stretched to their personal limits. Thank you to the administrators, including the superintendent, of this district, all of whom came together to make their teacher’s professional development all that it could be.

Caddo Parish Public Schools

Caddo Parish Public Schools in Shreveport, Louisiana, is a little known gem. Our relationship with Caddo extends back to 2015 when they began implementing Google. We are proud to continue our partnership with them to this day and love seeing our friends enter district leadership in instructional technology! (We see you Jora Honoré!)

Cuero ISD

Cuero is one of our oldest customers; we have been working with their team to supplement professional development since 2015 and would love to connect you to them for a recommendation.

Cy-Fair ISD

Cypress Fairbanks ISD is a district close to our office and to our hearts, as the third largest district in Texas, their ~7000 teachers work with us each year in many capacities. We’re happy to meet CFISD teachers as they return to school each year at their back to school event and during their two fabulous (and huge!) summer conferences. We especially love our ELA teachers who we have seen grow in their instructional technology skills year after year. We’re glad to provide references and contacts from multiple departments within CFISD.

Dallas ISD

Dallas ISD is a place that needs no introduction, except you may want to erase everything you think you know about this area. You may picture just another sprawling urban district, but Dallas ISD is filled with people who care deeply about their students. Through its innovative Personalized Learning campuses, Dallas ISD turns a large district into a much smaller one by focusing on schools that display a readiness to grow through personalized learning. We love all of the thousands of friends and connections we’ve made in this wonderful partner in learning. From the year they began implementing Google with us in 2014 to today, we’re so pleased to have been a small part of the hard work this district has done to embrace technology for the purpose of personalizing the educational experience.

Eanes ISD

You might know Eanes ISD as the largest iPad district in Texas, but we know Eanes as a huge user of Google tools on those iPads. A little known fact is that our founder, Amy Mayer, did her first consulting job with a district as Eanes implemented Google in 2011. We’re proud to have been a small part of the Google implementation in such a prestigious district.

Fairfax County Public Schools

We’re honored to work with Fairfax County Public Schools to help educators become Google Certified. Fairfax County Public Schools is one of the largest districts in the nation, but you wouldn't know it by the attention to detail of their instructional technology leadership. Our experiences with Fairfax have highlighted the importance of hands-on, engaged leadership which empowered us to help hundreds of teachers achieve Level 1 and 2 Google Certification through the course of our work with them in 2021. Fairfax, shoutout to you, Tammi S., especially YOU!

Garland ISD

Garland ISD Instructional Tech staff and teachers are a joy to work with. We’ve been supporting the educators in Garland ISD by helping build on-campus tech leadership capacity with our Tech Influencer program, classroom coaching, and individual technology learning through in-district conferences and events. The friEd + Garland ISD partnership began in 2015 and is going strong as we move into the 2021-2022 school year as GISD’s digital learning teachers utilize our friEdOnline course, Beyond the Brick & Mortar, to prepare and deploy high quality virtual learning for students.

Gilbert Public Schools

The district of Gilbert, Arizona provides a fantastic area-wide conference each year for all teachers. We love working with them to bring some Google knowledge to teachers who love learning.

Houston ISD

Houston ISD needs no introduction, but there are facets of this huge district that the news will probably never get right. Filled with caring teachers, admins, and instructional technology professionals, this district is one we are proud to partner with to increase instructional technology prowess since 2015.

Jefferson Parish Schools

Jefferson Parish is the largest school district in Louisiana but more importantly, JPPS is filled with our friEnds. Customers since 2018, JPPS called us to implement their pandemic teaching plan, and we were thrilled to help. Check out our blog article about their pandemic PD here.

Katy ISD

Katy ISD is not only one of the largest school districts in Texas, it is also one of the most widely known and respected. We’ve been working with Katy ISD on technology integration since 2016 and have helped many instructional leaders in the district achieve Google Certifications. Thanks for being a great partner, Katy ISD!

Kayenta Unified School District

Kayenta, Arizona is a district we will never forget and although it’s not a large district, it is perhaps the most unique one which we’ve ever had the pleasure of working. Kayenta is within the Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the United States. Lovingly called “the rez” by the locals, Kayenta serves almost all Native American children. Among other things, this cool district (which includes Monument Valley) keeps the Navajo language alive and uses Chromebooks to do it.

Klein ISD

Klein ISD is one of the premier, large Texas districts who we helped implement Google. We have worked with Klein ISD since 2014 when they first began using Google and our partnership continues to this day. The amazing women who were principals at the schools where we started implementing are now the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of the district. We can say we knew them when and can tell you for sure that the amazing leadership of Klein ISD has a deep understanding of technology integration.

School District of Philadelphia

We’re honored to work with the School District of Philadelphia to help teachers and instructional coaches become Google Certified. Though we only met our friEnds in Philadelphia in 2021, we can already tell our visions for quality professional development align nicely. Here's to many years in the future working with the educators of the city of brotherly love.

Pomona Unified School District

The district of Pomona, California is located right outside Los Angeles. We loved working with Pomona’s “Saturday” teachers for a face to face conference. Along with their amazing Instructional Technology staff, we created a conference centered about Teaching & Learning best practices with technology. We wondered, “Are California teachers different?” Well, they’re just as great as we thought they would be. Thanks for working with us, Pomona USD!

Pulaski Community School District

We love our friEnds in Little Rock, Arkansas and want everyone to know about their amazing district and our partnership with them. Pulaski is a progressive district that even had a plan for at home learning before COVID. We’re proud to work with the teachers of Pulaski to increase student engagement through quality, ongoing instructional technology PD. In addition to their amazing instructors, the tech and instructional tech leadership of this district have earned then doubled our respect as they supported their students and staff members during the pandemic. Casey and Rachel, we truly consider you friEnds and love sharing your district's story with others who are following your leadership.

Spring Branch ISD

Spring Branch ISD sits on the edge of West Houston in what locals call Memorial. It’s a large, well-respected district with some award-winning schools. We’re proud of our long partnership with SBISD; since 2013 we’ve worked with the district through Google to increase instructional technology knowledge and Google certifications. 

Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public Schools is the first large district in Oklahoma we worked with on their Google implementation. Since 2014, we’ve had the distinct honor to work with the town and district that is the home of Will Rogers. That’s right, cowboys, if you want to know more about the original, visit Tulsa and check out their award winning schools and beautiful city. We especially love the librarians of this district who support teachers with instructional technology.

Ysleta ISD

We know we can’t have favorites, so we’ll just keep our love for Ysleta ISD right here on our website and hope no one else finds out. Since 2015, we’ve been visiting Ysleta ISD, one of the large school districts in El Paso, Texas, for their yearly conference serving all area districts including those in New Mexico! You will not find a friendlier, more welcoming bunch of folks who are more proud of their heritage or ready to show off their amazing town around a mountain than our friends in Ysleta ISD!

"This PD was so engaging and informative. These ladies kept the energy up from the start of day 1 to the end of day 2. They made this really enjoyable!!"

Sara Dunn

Newton Municipal School District

Region-18 Education Service Center

Region 18 in Midland, Texas is our second Region Partner in Texas! We love bringing professional development to the teachers of the greater Midland area who will (and do) drive for hours to get their professional development. There is no other place in the world quite like Midland, Texas and we love taking our PD to the area to work with teachers from the furthest reaches of Texas.

Region 9

The Region 9 ESC is located in the fascinating city of Wichita Falls, Texas in Last Picture Show territory for fans of the late, great Larry McMurtry. It’s an amazing city all on its own in the center of North Texas. Don’t be fooled by its out of the way location, Region 9 houses innovative districts with great tech leaders. Since 2015, friEdTechnology has brought PD to the area through Region 9.

Since 2014, the largest Region Service Center in Texas located in Houston, has been a part of our EdTech world. From their yearly instructional technology conference event to working with their districts, we’re proud to have been a part of the growth and trajectory at Region 4.

Lark-Lower Arkansas Consortium

The group we have come to call the “Lower Arkansas Consortium” consists of several service cooperatives and a University, including Dequeen Mena Educational Service Cooperative, South Central Service Cooperative, Southwest Arkansas Educational Collaborative, and Southern Arkansas University.

"The Google Trainings (both educator and administrator) have helped us leverage our staff to better promote these products."

Cody Levrets

Tyler ISD, Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Media Services

Google logo

Google is our first partner and we attribute our stellar growth to this partnership and the support of the amazing Googlers we work with each and every day. We are well-known in many states for our innovative and unexpected use of Google tools. We’re the best at getting teachers excited about the possibilities of implementing Chromebooks and would love to do the same in your district.

Newsela logo

You might know friEd as a Google Partner but did you know that we are also an official Microsoft Global Partner? That’s right, the PD that you’ve grown to love is also available for Microsoft. Digital Interactive Notebooks for PowerPoint? Yes please! If you’re a Microsoft District, we can help you engage students with world class Microsoft software.


CDW-G is the largest reseller of technology hardware to the K-12 sector in the United States. If you’re looking for Chromebooks, their volumes are unmatched, so be sure to contact your CDW-G representative for a quote for devices or friEdTech PD. These Account Managers at CDW really care about their districts’ success and would love to help you build a solution that integrates software, hardware, and professional development.

"The training is very engaging and I learned new things about the use of Newsela articles. I will definitely apply my learnings very soon. Thank you so much!"

Felsie Severino

Attended Newsela-Elementary Readers Readers Turn on screen reader support

Hapara logo

Hapara is a revolutionary classroom management tool for schools with Chromebooks. It was developed in New Zealand by teachers, for teachers. If you’ve ever wished Google did more to help you connect with and monitor students, this is the tool for you. Check out our partners at Hapara and make sure they know you want your PD friEd!

Newsela logo

Newsela is close to our hearts because it’s a tool that saves teachers time AND makes education better. Check out this Artificial Intelligence tool for reading with thousands of quality articles and hundreds of amazing sources for your school. Then, ask Newsela for friEd PD!

"The Google Trainings (both educator and administrator) have helped us leverage our staff to better promote these products."

Cody Levrets

Tyler ISD, Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Media Services