At friEdTech, we provide a bridge between your vision for the future of education and the skills needed to make that vision a reality.

Whether your school is getting its first student devices or you’re going 1:1, we’re here to make sure that what happens with those devices is what your community envisions. After all, without proper professional development, the only thing that goes up when you implement technology is the light bill.

friEdTech is a Google & Microsoft for Education partner that provides technology integration staff development, online and face to face. Technology Integration is the connection between the content your students are learning and the technology systems and equipment available for that learning. friEdTech connects your teachers to pedagogical practices that leverage the technology you are implementing.

friEdTech uses a cadre of certified educators including former district Educational Technologists, Technology Directors, teachers, and other educators. Our trainers are experienced educators and hold industry certifications in Google and Microsoft as well as teaching and administrative certifications.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

We support diversity, inclusion, and equity in every way. We seek out diverse voices and experiences in our business practices, planning, and in our PD experiences. We understand that we are supporting teachers, and teachers have a unique and special opportunity to make students feel seen, heard, and celebrated. Here are a few things that we do…

  • Ensure that diverse voices and ideas are included when creating sessions and professional development opportunities and services.
  • Seek out opportunities to bring diverse voices and opinions into our workplace by employing a diverse staff, and allowing those diverse voices to have an active seat at the table when decision-making is happening.
  • Support teachers and students by championing equity among schools & communities that have traditionally been marginalized and have not received equitable support with digital learning through donations of professional development services.

We promise to continue our growth in understanding others' diverse points of view. Any chance we get, we will incorporate and champion diverse voices to stand against racism, check our and others' biases, and create a place where all unique points of view are welcome and appreciated. Our promise is not a trend, it's a life-changing cultural shift and one that we will support every day. It is EVERYONE'S responsibility, not just people of color, gender, or members of the LGBTQ community.

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Authentic, education focused, engaging, rigorous, and encouraging. These are just a few reasons why school districts choose us.

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Our full time team and our Learning Guides are inspirational EdTech leaders from across the U.S. They aren’t just smart…they’re fun!

Industry Partners

Our partners include Google, Adobe, Newsela, Microsoft and many more. Meet our partners and learn how to become one.


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Giving Back

The friEdTech team is dedicated to serving the community by providing funds, professional development trainings and more to deserving organizations and individuals.

"I learned so much in this short time! Thank you for the amazing information! It was a great pace. I loved being able to do along with you. Your humor and personableness (I know that's not a real word LOL) makes learning from you so much fun!"

Sarah Tollison

Sherman ISD, TX