Google Learning Experiences & Certifications

Through our Google Workspace for Education professional development opportunities, you will learn new instructional technology strategies to engage students and improve workflow processes with Google’s collaborative productivity tools. friEdTech will also help you earn Google Educator certifications so you can be recognized as a leader in your field.

Our friEd Google experiences are full of real-time application, applicable learning material, and relevant strategies that will prepare you to confidently implement Google Workspace for Education in your classroom and life.

What Does it Mean to Be a Google PD Partner?

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Google Professional Development Partners help educators make the connection between the technology (Google), the hardware, and the best practices that solve problems and facilitate learning. At friEdTech, we pride ourselves on not only helping educators understand HOW to use Google Workspace for Education, but WHY they should! Our job as a Google Professional Development Partner is to aid states, districts, schools and teachers at large in how to successfully integrate Google tools to better collaborate, manage classes and create more effective and efficient learning environments.

If your school or district is in need of assistance in implementing Google Workspace for Education contact us so we can create an approach that will meet your needs.

Our Google Sessions

Getting Started with Google Workspace for Education

Has your school or district recently made the switch to Google Workspace for Education or bought an upgraded license, like Teaching and Learning or Plus? We have you covered with a variety of learning experiences; including, but not limited to: our online asynchronous courses, Google Starter Pack, Google Communication Trio and Smart Gmail. We also offer a series of “I Didn’t Know Google Could Do That...” sessions, and many more virtual or face to face synchronous options. Let us work with you to build a custom agenda or event that specifically addresses the issues faced in your district.

Collaborate with us to design a professional development agenda, select an asynchronous course or plan an event that specifically addresses the Google for Workspace issues faced in your district. We will make sure that we meet your budget and work with you to optimize your time!

Professional Development: Google Certification Academies

Are your teachers looking to take their Google knowledge to the next level? Our asynchronous Google Certification Academies are just the thing!

These immersive online experiences prepare educators to successfully implement Google Workspace for Education tools in their classroom. The courses include a series of fun and meaningful scenarios and challenges that guide educators through creating products that simulate relevant work they will be able to use in their positions as educators. Of course, they will learn everything they need to know to pass the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Certification exams and more! This course is designed for educators who are familiar with the Google Workspace for Education tools, so we encourage districts to add on the affordable asynchronous Google Starter Pack course which will fill in learning gaps for those striving to achieve Level 1, then Level 2, Google Certifications.

Professional Development: Implementing Chromebooks in the Classroom

Making the move to Chromebooks? We have just the resources you need to support educators and students as they immerse themselves in their new devices. Let us help improve your implementation with self-paced learning options and our facilitated online learning experiences. Our resources can benefit not only teachers and students, but also parents as they learn to operate Chromebooks and leverage the Google Workspace for Education tools in their daily learning.

Professional Development: Google Workspace for Education in the Classroom

Are you ready to create engaging digital learning content? Great! Choose from our catalog of learning experiences that are designed to empower teachers to enhance learning with digital resources for all students. Our goal is to help you plan for success whether this is a one time learning experience or a continuous partnership. Let us help you continue to learn and grow with Google. Don’t see something in our catalog that addresses the issues you face? No worries; we’ll work with you to develop one or more custom sessions. Contact us for more information and to view our professional development learning catalog.

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  • Google Career Certificates
    The Google Career Certificates Program helps students learn job-ready skills to start or advance their careers in high-demand fields in about six months.
  • Applied Digital Skills
    Applied Digital Skills is an online learning portal that provides extensive learning opportunities for both secondary students and adults. Teachers can use it to assign work to their students and monitor progress. Some of the lessons in the Applied Digital Skills program are appropriate and would be useful with children as young as 3rd grade; however, the target audience is 7th grade through adult. Check out the program.
  • Getting Started with Google for Education Email Series
    This 8-week email series is for early beginners who don't know where to get started with Google's core tools. Participants will receive one email per week for 8 weeks. In each email, you'll see getting-started information that will help you make the most of Google Tools in your classroom.

"I have to admit, I thought I was extremely well-versed in all things Google Suite, but I have learned several NEW and HELPFUL tricks, tips, and time-saving hacks at each session! I feel inspired to create more engaging lessons now!"

Misty Spainhower

Garland ISD, TX