Facilitated Learning Experiences

Our Facilitated Learning Experiences (FOLĒs if they’re online) can be in person or virtual. We will help you select the right training to meet your needs. We use a blend of strategies to keep teachers engaged in their learning and focus on tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented. Whenever possible, we provide templates to get teachers started without long, complicated build times, and we increase accountability and interactivity by asking teachers to actively participate by completing assignments through your learning management system of choice, for example: Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, or Canvas.

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Types of Faciliated Learning Experiences

Facilitated In-Person Learning Experience

A wise person once said, “If I could learn to use technology through using technology, I would already know how to use technology!” and while we really know and believe we CAN help you learn the technology skills you need to be successful as a teacher, principal, counselor, etc. we do understand that there is just NO substitute for meeting and learning face to face. Our Facilitated In-person Learning Experiences can be customized to work with your audience, location and schedule because our talented Learning Guides will come to your school or district! Contact us to help plan your next professional development opportunity see why so many friEdFans seek out our sessions!

FOLE- Facilitated Online Learning Experience

What exactly is a FOLĒ? At friEd, we avoid the word “webinar” because we strive to make every virtual experience engaging and like we are right there learning with you, so it’s not JUST a webinar, it’s a Facilitated Online Learning EXPERIENCE! These virtual, in-person learning events with customizable schedules and options, can be held over Zoom or Google Meet, depending on the audience size and the goals we are trying to achieve. Each experience is unique with someone always there to answer questions, engage learners in relevant, meaningful content, and get them excited about the learning. Reach a larger audience, and allow your audience to learn from the comfort of their own homes or classrooms.

Session Offerings

Choose from one of our customizable schedules with intentional practice opportunities, we call “Buffering Time.” Let’s face it, it’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and zone out. That’s why we’ve designed integrated break time for participants to apply what they’ve learned to a task they submit as their proof of learning.

A few of our most popular sessions cover topics like:

  • Making Thinking Visible with Interactive Slides
  • Designing Self-paced Learning Activities
  • Utilizing Extensions to Teach Special Populations
  • Advanced features of the Google Workspace for Education or Microsoft core apps
  • Digital Escape Rooms with Forms
  • Google or Microsoft Certification Academies
  • Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology and other LMSs
  • Microsoft 365
  • Clone Yourself with Video
  • Admin Utility Belt

Contact us for more session topics and don’t forget we can modify and customize any experience!