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friEdTech partners with companies whose products and services assist our clients best. You can trust our partners to be the best in their area, category, or industry.

Schools around the world recognize the transformative power of Google Workspace for Education. We're proud to help Google schools learn to leverage free or paid editions of Workspace for Education to improve learning outcomes for students.

Quickly and easily make amazing graphics, images, and videos with thousands of education templates using the many amazing education solutions offered by Adobe. We are an official Adobe Training Partner and not only can help put you in contact with your official Adobe Engagement Manager to get you started with your implementation of Adobe tools at your school, but we can train your educators in their FREE Adobe Express for Education tools as well!

Educational institutions around the world are harnessing Canva's creative potential. We are excited to support schools in utilizing Canva's tools with users at all levels, to foster innovation and enhance the learning experience.

FigJam empowers teams to build better products, together. Define ideas, align on decisions, and move work forward—all in one place. friEdTech has partnered with this amazing company to bring you FigJam resources and professional development. Check out our FREE FigJam course detailing this amazing product.

We understand that schools using Microsoft tools need strategies to hone in on powerful practices that make learning come alive for students using this robust software. Let us help you make learning engaging with educational best practices designed to be implemented with the Microsoft Suite.

Newsela is a revolutionary non-fiction reading platform that is the best answer we know to "what comes after the textbook." Newsela dynamically adapts to student reading levels and contains a world of diverse sources impressive to anyone. If your school is implementing Newsela, remember to ask for your professional development to be friEd.

Pear Deck is on a mission to help teachers create powerful learning moments for every student, every day—using the tools you already know and love. We love this tool so much, we've partnered with Pear Deck (and their parent company GoGuardian) to bring the excitement and joy of using their product to conferences and other professional development opportunities at schools around the country.

TextHelp provides a host of assistive software that improves reading and writing experiences for adults and children. Whether you're looking for tools to provide accommodations for Special Education populations or to help every student and teacher, TextHelp answers your needs. Their latest product, WriQ, is the first tool we know of to monitor student writing trends across schools, districts, and classrooms as well as cut teacher grading time. Ask your account manager how friEdTech can help you get your students writing and reading with TextHelp tools.

WeVideo provides the best cloud-based video editing tools around. With this software, you won't need a supercomputer to create, edit, and mix videos that are professional and polished or quick and easy, a Chromebook will do nicely. Video editing as a learning experience can be profoundly integrated with subject area learning. Are your students creating in order to learn? WeVideo can be a part of that process with industry standard skills easily transferable to professional software packages like Final Cut Pro. Remember to ask your WeVideo account manager how to get professional development from friEdTech.

Amplified IT

Amplified IT is our source for the technical and security know-how that underpins the software systems we use. Is your Google or Microsoft domain configured correctly or securely? Are your systems automated leaving you free to lead educational transformation? If the answer is "I'm not sure," lean on our friendly, knowledgeable tech team at Amplified IT to answer these important questions with confidence.

CDW logo

CDW is the largest hardware reseller in the K-12 sector in the United States, which is why they have exceptional purchasing power. We partner with CDW to complement your hardware implementation with the professional development required to assure a successful implementation or refresh in a single purchase price.

GTS logo

GTS is a favorite among so many schools we love. We're proud to partner with GTS to complement their exceptional service in hardware sales and technology staffing with educator professional development. Making a hardware purchase? You can buy PD with that same purchase order through our friends at GTS.

Howard Edu logo

Howard Technology Solutions is a technology hardware solutions provider, selling their own proprietary devices or reselling for one of their many partners such as Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft. Their mission is to provide an affordable, top-quality product that exceeds your expectations, and we partner with Howard to complement your hardware implementation with professional development to assure a successful implementation in a single purchase price.

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