Microsoft Learning Experiences & Certifications

Let friEdTech, an official Microsoft Global Training Partner, help implement Microsoft 365 in a way teachers will find not only fun, but useful. Whether you’re ready to Sway or just want to stay “on Point” (PowerPoint, that is), we will help you become a Microsoft Educator, Trainer, or Expert and/or Certified Educator or Microsoft Office Specialist, learn strategies to engage students in their learning, or improve your workflow processes.

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What Does it Mean to Be a Microsoft PD Partner?

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Professional Development Partners help bring the classroom into the future and improve learning outcomes by sharing meaningful, fun PD with educators on creating engaging instruction with technology tools. Teachers love to learn with us because we focus on problem-based professional development that they need in order to improve their practices and streamline their work as well as increase student engagement.

Our Microsoft Sessions

Getting Started with Microsoft

Has your district recently made the switch to Microsoft 365, formerly, Office 365? We’ve got you covered with a variety of learning experiences including, but not limited to, The NEW Microsoft: Microsoft 365, Innovation at Its Best, The Four C’s with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Utility Belt for Administrators. We also offer an asynchronous online course, The FUNdamentals of Microsoft 365. Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft 365 with us!

Microsoft Certifications

Are your teachers looking to take their Microsoft knowledge to the next level? Our Microsoft certification academies are just the thing!

  • (ME) Microsoft Educator
  • (ME Trainer) Microsoft Educator Trainer
  • (ME Master Trainer) Microsoft Educator Master Trainer
  • (MCE) Microsoft Certified Educator
  • (MOS) Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
  • (MOS Associate) Microsoft Office Specialist Associate
  • (MOS Expert) Microsoft Office Specialist Expert
  • (MCT) Minecraft: Education Edition Certified Teacher

Microsoft in the Classroom

Are you ready to create engaging digital learning content? Great! Choose from our catalog of learning experiences that are designed to empower teachers to enhance learning with digital resources for all students. Our goal is to help you plan for success whether this is a one time learning experience or a continuous partnership. Let us help you continue to learn and create with Microsoft. A few of our most sought after sessions are:

  • Making Thinking Visible with Microsoft Tools and Digital Interactive Activities (K-12) is the perfect session to foster educators’ love for Microsoft in the classroom!
  • The NEW Microsoft: Microsoft 365, Innovation at Its Best will expose the new updates and features that make Microsoft 365 a dynamic, modern learning experience for both educators and students.
  • Creating & Accommodating with Browser Extensions: Learn how to Make Videos, Interactive PDFs, and More is a mind-blowing session that seeks to lend itself to reaching all learners, especially those with disabilities and learning challenges.

Microsoft Certified Educator by friEdTech (MCE)

As of 2021, friEdTech has Microsoft Certified Educators as full-time staff members. What is a Microsoft Certified Educator? The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification validates that we comprehend the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students. Along with Microsoft, we believe that the MCE certification is ideal for educators-in-training, faculty of teacher training colleges, and professional development facilitators.

Microsoft Educator eSports & friEdTech

As of 2021, friEdTech has Certified eSports Leaders which can assist any educator or school with this initiative. eSports is more than just a game. Connect with us to learn how to leverage your students’ passion for esports to help improve their social-emotional well-being, develop 21st century learning skills, and learn how to be responsible digital citizens. Also, this initiative will prepare students for a variety of careers, including: information & technology, marketing, event planning, game design, communications, graphic arts, and many more.

Enthusiastic educators will learn the steps to establish an inclusive team culture, gather the necessary resources to start and grow a scholastic esports program, and unleash students’ creativity in ready-made, immersive, Minecraft worlds designed specifically for competitive gaming. Through the principles of game-based learning, including communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and persistence, educators will set themselves and their students on the path to success in the exciting world of scholastic esports.

Microsoft Educator Minecraft & friEdTech

Minecraft: Education Edition | The Tool for Engaged Learning

friEdTech can facilitate training series on how to use and infuse Minecraft: Education Edition for student learning and their proof of learning. Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. It can be used as a tool to engage students across subjects and bring abstract concepts to life in remote, hybrid and in-person learning environments. Minecraft: Education Edition has standards-aligned lessons and STEM curricula, classroom-friendly features, tutorials and challenges.

friEdLive! Microsoft Events

Interested in connecting virtually and engaging in some bite-sized Pro tips using various tools? If so, join friEdTech monthly for friEdLIVE! where friEdTech’s Lead Learning Guides explore relevant uses for EdTech Tools to promote engagement and/or enhance one’s productivity.

During the next few months, we will spotlight several Microsoft tools and how they have a tremendous impact on Teaching in Learning, emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and communication. Excited by this opportunity? Check out our schedule of events below.

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September 7, 2023 – Back to School: Microsoft’s Learning Tools

October 12, 2023 – Remediate & Assess Learning using Microsoft Forms

November 9, 2023 – Change the Game: Microsoft Tools for Coding & Instruction


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January 19, 2023 – Literacy & Learning Tools for Everyday Learners

Explore a set of inclusive features available in a wide range of platforms that assist all learners in reading, writing, math, and communication, known as Learning Tools, and identify ways your students can use them to increase student achievement and engagement.

February 9, 2023 – OneNote: The Digital Notebook in Education

OneNote is Microsoft's Digital Notebook for all your notetaking needs. Also, educators can use it to organize lesson plans in searchable digital notebooks, and staff can create a shareable content library. Moreover, educators and students can handwrite notes, sketch diagrams, conduct audio and video recordings, transcribe and translate voice notes, and much more.

March 9, 2023 – Flipout with Flip

Microsoft Flip is a video discussion app where curious minds connect in safe, small groups to share videos, build community, and learn together. It is a free and simple social learning video platform for Pre-K to Ph.D. educators, learners, and families to take virtual field trips and engage with real-world, relevant content. Guess what?! Everyone can use Flip, whether they are Microsoft or Google learning environments.

April 13, 2023 – Digital Storytelling using Microsoft Sway 

In the same way, everyone does not learn various concepts through a singular learning modality, everyone expresses their learning differently. Digital Storytelling is one of those ways that are increasing in usage. Guess what? Microsoft has a tool for that known as Sway. This tool allows educators and students to focus on content and not worry about format. Sway can capture and share digital stories to facilitate and demonstrate learning, create a classroom newsletter, exhibit research, a blended learning lesson, fine arts presentation, a lab journal, and much more.

Our team of Microsoft gurus can customize any experience to meet you needs! For more information please visit our Custom Experiences & Certifications page or contact us to get started.

"We are given so many PD's a year. This one I truly enjoyed and will take what I've learned and utilize it in my online and in-person classroom!"

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