Beyond Worksheets book

Beyond Worksheets:

Transforming Teaching, Empowering Educators

by Amy Mayer
friEdTech, CEO & Founder

Elevate your classroom, inspire your students, and reignite your passion for teaching with Beyond Worksheets.

About the Book

Make better use of the tools you already have to improve learning outcomes and improve your work-life balance!

Beyond Worksheets helps K-12 teachers make learning fun, engaging, and relevant using the latest research, actionable classroom strategies, and the ed tech software and systems they already have. Used correctly, these tools let you deepen learning, student engagement, and student participation.

As a former teacher, author Amy Minter Mayer knows that, regardless of school-wide initiatives and rollouts, it's what happens behind the closed doors of a classroom that affects the teacher's success. She wrote Beyond Worksheets as a self-paced guide that empowers teachers, without waiting for school-wide adoption of new tools. Readers will:

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    Learn skills to cultivate classroom culture in a technology-infused environment

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    Prepare effective lessons that include accommodations while also supporting student focus and engagement using research and brain-based approaches

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    Transform teaching strategies to meet the needs and challenges of learners

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    Access templates, strategies, and techniques any educator can employ to drive engagement and increase learning in the classroom

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About the Author

Amy Mayer, M.A.

Amy Mayer is perhaps best known as the founder of friEdTech, a wildly innovative education technology professional development company working in the education space with companies like Google and Adobe across 40 of the 50 United States and many countries worldwide.

Her quirky style, wit, and empathetic approach make her a popular speaker and trainer and are characteristics that make friEdTech learning experiences (fried tech because everything is better friEd) a favorite for educators.

Reading Amy's first book is like spending time with this lifelong educator. We think you won't want to put it down. We think it will make you alternatively love and hate teaching as a profession, and we know it will make you understand (or remember) why people choose a career dedicated to helping make other humans better.

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Amy Mayer

What Readers are Saying

Chris Bugaj

Christopher Bugaj, M.A.



“At a time when education faces a crisis of engagement and relevance, Amy Mayer’s Beyond Worksheets emerges as a beacon of hope and transformation. This pivotal book directly addresses the urgent need for a paradigm shift in teaching methods, championing innovative yet practical, learner-centered approaches to design meaningful, personalized, and awesome experiences for every learner.”

Sarah Gould

Sarah Gould, Ed.D.

Global Education Practitioner and Researcher


“This book provides powerful paradigm shifts for educators. As a lifetime global educator, Amy is able to weave practical ideas with transformative outcomes. A must read whether you’ve been teaching one year or fifty.”

Kevin Hodges

Kevin Hodges

Texas, K12 LCS Lead, Google for Education


“Moving away from worksheets is not about discarding all structure; Amy does a great job of explaining this; instead, she talks about creating a learning environment that fosters collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. By replacing passive learning with active engagement, we empower students to become not just consumers of knowledge, but creators, collaborators, and leaders in shaping the future… which are the essential skills for success in a rapidly changing world today.”

Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod

Professor of Educational Leadership,
University of Colorado Denver,
Founding Director, CASTLE


“Amy Mayer has a wonderful ability to transform personal experience and stories into deeply practical tips and strategies for fellow educators. Beyond Worksheets is full of reflection opportunities, activities, and action steps that will help any teacher lean into the instructional challenges that we commonly face in schools.”

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