Instructional Strategy

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Start Webinars with Music

By Amy Mayer / March 26, 2020

We’ve been playing some tunes for our webinar participants this week while we were waiting for start time. This has had the unintended yet desirable consequence of allowing our participants to make sure they are hearing sound from their computer as well, and we’ve been asked about a hundred times, “How did you do that?”…

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Top 5 Ways to Provide Meaningful Feedback for Students

By Amy Mayer / November 13, 2019

Providing immediate, meaningful feedback to students has been a challenge for teachers as long as education has existed. The story goes something like this: If a teacher spends ten minutes “marking” a paper, the student will spend ten seconds looking at and taking in the information. There are few arguments to the contrary . .…

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Encore for the Mighty Question Slip

By Amy Mayer / August 27, 2018

We first introduced the Question Slip in 2011. When I learned about the technique from a Canadian conference presenter (if anyone knows who, please let me know! I can’t recall), I quickly found that more than any other simple technique it transformed my students into self-motivated learners. One idea to make sure Question Slips become…

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