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Amazing Veteran Teacher Shares Her Best Secret for Classroom Management, and You Can Execute it TODAY

By Amy Mayer / September 1, 2023

Dear Teachers, This is Amy, CEO and founder of friEdTech, and I have a story for you that you will not want to miss. I wish I could call every one of you and tell you individually, but since that’s not practical, I’ll tell it here on this blog. It started when I read a…

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Google’s State & Community Impact Project

By Jessica Powell-Allbright / August 29, 2021

friEdTech is proud to be a part of the Google State & Community Impact Project, serving educators from all around the country to participate in no-cost professional development designed to help them build their digital toolkits as they work to effectively integrate technology into their K-12 classrooms. The project involves synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities…

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Jefferson Parish’s Online Transition Plan with Google Tools

By Amy Mayer / April 2, 2020

Our company has worked alongside Jefferson Parish Public Schools, the largest school district in Louisiana, located in New Orleans and surrounding areas, with approximately 50,000 students, for over a year now, and we were proud they thought of us when they wondered how to get teachers working online quickly during the crisis. Kamala Baker, Director…

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Embrace the Suck of NEW

By Brooke Lowery / March 29, 2020

As an educator, I have been asked numerous times to accept NEW. Not just one or two NEW things, but sometimes ALL THINGS, and embracing the new can suck. Right now across the world teachers are being asked to embrace the NEW again. This time we are all in it together. Currently, I am an…

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Virtual Online Teaching: Crash Course

By Amy Mayer / March 16, 2020

In 2019, schools all over the nation and world found themselves moving to online learning, and we’re hearing from teachers that there is a knowledge gap that needs filling immediately. For this reason, the friEdTech team recorded a series of free webinars focusing on the top questions we’ve been asked as the pandemic started. Please…

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