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During the summer of 2023, friEdTech Learning Guides worked with over 15,000 educators in over 30 states. We love helping educators find ways to engage their students even more with technology tools, but do you want to know the three most frequently asked questions we receive after our PD sessions?

What’s the name of that Zoom tool you all use?
You guys always sound so clear! What is the brand of headset y’all use?
I just love these super cool stickers! Where do you get them?

We love sharing with educators so much that we’ve actually created a special page on our website to house all our favorite inside tips and tools! This month, we’re MOST excited to share how to get your own AWESOME custom stickers from our pals at Sticker Mule.

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Insider tip: Join their mailing list to find out about some amazing deals, like 50 holographic stickers for just $29…but you’ll want to be sure to subscribe because deals change all the time!

The friEdStuff page is also the best place to find our quick videos showing how to use the built-in zoom tools on Macs, Windows devices, and Chromebooks. It’s such a handy feature for teaching!

We’ve made no secret about how much we love our Logitech headsets for delivering excellent, crisp audio during webinars and when we create our friEdOnline videos. On our friEdStuff page, we link straight to our favorite headsets so you can buy them for yourself!

Bottom line:

Check out the friEdTech Stuff page for all these great tips and more! And don’t forget to sign up for Sticker Mule’s awesome mailing list so you can get in on their amazing deals!

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Jessica is a Google Certified Educator, Trainer & Innovator and Lead Learning Guide at friEdTech. Her goal is to empower teachers to provide excellent digital instruction through high quality, timely professional development. Jess is passionate about reaching all learners through purposeful instructional design and she enjoys sharing tips, tricks, and applications that help educators achieve that goal.

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