Episode 09

Positive Angles: Navigating Change & Harnessing Tech in Edu

Welcome back to another episode of the friEdcast, where we uncover the positive angles of technology and education that shape our future. Today, we’re joined by Monica Weaver, a seasoned educator and visionary who has transformed learning environments through technology. With decades of experience and a heart full of stories, Monica will share her journey of resilience and the transformative power of embracing change. Ready to dive into a conversation that merges the human spirit with technological advancement? Let’s get started!

Show Notes

  • Introduction to Monica Weaver: Get to know Monica, a seasoned educator with a rich background in integrating technology with teaching, as she shares her experiences and the personal journey that shaped her career.
  • The Power of Educational Technology: Dive deep with Monica as she discusses how technology has transformed teaching and learning, highlighting specific tools and strategies that have made significant impacts.
  • Lessons in Resilience: Monica shares inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and adapting to changes within the educational landscape, offering insights on navigating both personal and professional growth.
  • Building Relationships in Education: Explore the importance of mentorship, collaboration, and community in the educational sector, as discussed by Monica and her experiences with various educational professionals and projects.
  • Looking Forward: Monica talks about her plans post-retirement, reflecting on her aspirations to continue influencing education and personal development, and her excitement for future projects and adventures.

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