Episode 07

AI-mpowered Teaching Tools

Welcome to the friEdTech friEdcast, where today’s innovation shapes tomorrow’s education. Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with us and our special guest, Shantel Lott, a frEd Tech learning guide who has masterfully showcased AI tools in two transformative sessions. Discover how these tools are not just assistants but catalysts for creativity, redefining learning and lightening teachers’ loads. Join us for a glimpse into the future of education, where every lesson is a masterpiece of possibility.

Show Notes

  • AI in Action: Shantel and our hosts dive into real-life examples of how AI is making waves in education, from automating grading to creating engaging, standard-based lesson plans.
  • Ease of Use: Learn about user-friendly platforms like Adobe Express, where teachers can experiment with AI without the steep learning curve.
  • Empowering Educators: The episode emphasizes that while AI can automate and enhance, the critical thinking and creativity of teachers remain irreplaceable in crafting meaningful educational experiences.
  • Top AI Tools for Teachers: Get the scoop on the AI tools that have educators buzzing:
    • ChatGPT: The talk of the town, helping teachers automate tasks and generate content.
    • Copilot: A coder’s best friend, assisting in programming and scripting tasks.
    • Magic AI & Quizzes AI: These tools are revolutionizing lesson planning and engagement.

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