Episode 10

From Shakespeare to STEM: AI Making Classroom More Human

Welcome back to another episode of [Podcast Name], where we uncover the positive angles of technology and education that shape our future. Today, we’re joined by Monica Weaver, a seasoned educator and visionary who has transformed learning environments through technology. With decades of experience and a heart full of stories, Monica will share her journey of resilience and the transformative power of embracing change. Ready to dive into a conversation that merges the human spirit with technological advancement? Let’s get started!

Show Notes

Introduction to the Episode

Join us as we explore the transformative role of artificial intelligence in education. Discover the excitement and challenges of integrating AI into classrooms.

Meet Our Guests: Anna Fitzsimmons and Neil Plemons

Get to know Anna Fitzsimmons, an elementary educator turned coordinator of digital learning, and Neil Plemons, a multifaceted high school teacher specializing in English and pre-law. They share their backgrounds and experiences with AI in education.

Using Generative AI in the Classroom

Listen to Anna and Neil provide concrete examples of how they use generative AI to enhance learning. From generating personalized feedback to creating interactive projects, they showcase the practical applications and benefits of AI tools.

Addressing the Ethical and Practical Concerns

Explore the ethical implications and practical challenges of using AI in education. Hear from our guests about their experiences navigating these issues, including maintaining student privacy and developing district policies.

Future Trends and Predictions in AI Education

Speculate on the future of AI in education with insightful predictions from our guests. Learn how AI will continue to shape teaching and learning, and what educators can expect in the coming years.

Final Thoughts and Advice for Educators

Anna and Neil share their advice for teachers who are new to using AI. They emphasize the importance of starting small, experimenting with different tools, and keeping student learning and engagement at the forefront of their efforts.

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