Episode 06

friEd Funnies

Welcome, fellow educators and story enthusiasts, to a podcast where laughter is the best lesson plan! 🎉 Get ready to chuckle, cringe, and relate as we share hilarious tales from the front lines of teaching. From classroom antics to unexpected mishaps, join us as we dive into the comical chaos that comes with shaping young minds. Grab your Stanley cup, sit back, and prepare for a laugh-out-loud journey through the unforgettable funny stories that happened while we were teaching!

Show Notes

  • Check Twice, Send Once: Don’t be an Allison. Before you send a former boss a gif, make sure you watch it first!
  • Mad Props to Chipotle: If you need to feed 50 middle schoolers quickly, Chipotle has got your back!
  • Protect Your Yetis/Stanleys: Note to self: keep your colorful water bottles hidden from a room of 1st graders.

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