Episode 01

Classroom Management: When You Know Better, You Do Better

Are you tired of your classroom feeling like a wild rock ‘n’ roll concert, with you playing the lead guitar without a band? 🎸🤘 Well, crank up the volume because in today’s episode, Darryl, Lauren, and Amy S from friEdTech are about to show you how to rock your classroom management skills like a headlining act at Madison Square Garden! 🎤🎶 Stay tuned; we’re about to unleash some serious educational riffage!” 🤟📚

Show Notes

  • Classroom Management is Key: Right off the bat, they dive into how crucial good classroom management is. It’s like the bread and butter of teaching well.
  • Diverse Teaching Backgrounds: The hosts aren’t just talking from theory; they’ve got real skin in the game, coming from a mix of teaching middle school and designing learning experiences.
  • Teaching Strategies Evolve: They get into how their teaching methods have shifted over time. It’s all about keeping things fresh and effective for the students.
  • All About the Students: There’s a great bit about making the classroom more student-centered. Think of things like letting students have a say in the rules or where they sit.
  • Reflecting and Growing: They wrap up with some honest reflection on past teaching methods, like token systems, and how their views on these have changed. It’s all about adapting and growing as educators.
  • Rock the Classroom: Classroom Management & Behavior Strategies for Today’s Classroom is filled with practical, actionable things the teacher can do not only to feel but actually be running the classroom in the way that every teacher wants. Sign up today: https://www.friedonline.com/course/rocktheclassroom

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