Episode 05

Beyond Worksheets: Question Slips

Hey there, friEdcast enthusiasts! Welcome to a special episode that’s about to turn your education world upside down – all thanks to Amy’s revolutionary new book, ‘Beyond Worksheets’! 📚✨ Joining us today are two incredible guests, the dynamic duo of education, Jess and Amy. Together, we’ll dive into the essence of student-centered learning, explore Amy’s game-changing strategy of question slips, and brace yourselves for a unique twist – a quick show-and-tell of socks! Yes, you heard it right, socks! Get ready for an episode that’s not just educational but delightfully unexpected. It’s time to unravel the magic of learning with ‘Beyond Worksheets’ and a touch of sock sensation! 🧦🎙️

Show Notes

  • Student-Centered Learning: The podcast discusses the concept of student-centered learning and its challenges. It emphasizes that while focusing on students’ needs is important, it’s also crucial to consider the resources and capabilities of the teacher.
  • Question Slip Strategy: Amy shares her strategy of using question slips in the classroom. This approach helps manage and reduce the barrage of procedural questions from students, encouraging them to be more independent and think critically before asking questions.
  • Importance of Teacher Resources: The conversation highlights the importance of recognizing and utilizing the teacher’s emotional and intellectual resources in the classroom. It suggests a balance between student needs and teacher capabilities.
  • Project-Based Learning and Classroom Dynamics: The podcast touches upon the use of project-based learning and its impact on classroom dynamics. It discusses how this approach can foster more active and engaged learning experiences for students.
  • Challenges of Implementing New Teaching Methods: The podcast acknowledges the difficulties teachers face in implementing new teaching methods like differentiated instruction. It stresses the need for clear, practical guidance on how to apply these concepts in the classroom.
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