Speaking Engagements

We seek out those who are drawing crowds at conferences to investigate whether they are a good fit for our warm-hearted, caring, and expert team of friEd techies. When you’re looking for your next featured conference presenter, keynote provider, podcast guest, etc. look no further than our excellent team of educators at friEdTechnology. Each of our Learning Guides has a passion they would love to share with your teachers.

We have a diverse team of experts in many of today’s hot topics! A few of our popular keynotes have been:

Amy Mayer

  • Engage Them and Change Everything
  • Obsessed with Engagement
  • Are you a Tech Influencer?
  • Tales of a Teacher

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Amy Mayer

JR Ginex-Orinion

  • Where Learning and Technology Meet
  • Making Meaningful Connections with Students
  • Memorable Moments in Teaching

JR is a dynamic, engaging instructional coach and science teacher from Southern California. He has presented across the country and internationally on leadership, instructional coaching, educational technology topics, and tools. He is a Google Innovative Educator (#GTANY12), Google Education Trainer, YouTube EDU contributor, Google Geo Teacher, CUE Lead Learner, and CUE RockStar Faculty. JR is one of the co-founders of #CAEDCHAT, a weekly twitter conversation for educators. He has a B.S. in Analytical Chemistry, and a M.S. in Educational and Instructional Technology.

JR Ginex Orinion

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"Amy provides inspirational leadership to cross functional teams, teachers and administrators implementing new things and is a warm, engaging speaker. Masterful Lady!"

Ken Cohen

Houston, TX